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Almost everythig what You need to know about the band...


...or what you ’ve always been eager to know but dared not to ask

Once upon a time 3 brave amigos (Art H, El Baxi and A.D.) joined their magic forces to form the second most legendary Trio of all times -

The Nose Pickers Entertainment Group

But let’s go back in time and see how it all began.

1989... 3 classmates (Art H, Pete D’tot and Baxi) after leaving their beloved school, teachers and pals decided to step on the uncertain way of show-biz. They bought their first instruments (keys, bass and guitars) and formed the band called D’Generation, which reached its top at a new years eve party performing one single song halfway through. What a marvellous start!

The end of this formation was at hand and Art H together with Baxi united their magical wits with Marco and Reezo (other remarkable representatives of Békéscsaba’s night and musical life) and The Obscene Dancers were born. The line-up was the following: Art H-vocals and keys, Reezo-vocals, Marco-guitars, Baxi-bass, Steady (a curly youngster)-drums. The unforgettable garage rehearsals even drew the attention of the local police who often attended these events…

We are sure that people forever will remember such hits as ’Mr. Smith’, ’Lucretia’ and the phenomenal cover version of ’Anarchy in the UK’. In the summer of 1991 the band reached its hype at a festival called ’Kozm(et)ikus hepaj’ where tens of fans banged their heads on e.g. ’Nem leszel a nejem!’(You’re not gonna be my wife!) at the Ifjúsági Ház of Békéscsaba. Oh, those were the days…!

Dark days were coming and upto the end of 1993 the members spread all over the country and played in different formations (Suicide Cat, Rat Salad etc.). They were good enough to spend time with but Art and Bax knew that something different was to come…

1994 - a legend was born THE NOSE PICKERS

By this time Art H and El Baxi got fed up with all the fucking around and decided to come up with something original and brilliant. They sat down and wrote the song ’Family Roll’ that changed everything. Songs like ’Bernie’ and ’Burn in love’ came out of their minds like sparkling ideas and pleased all the people who listened to them. They made videos (’Flirt’) demo tapes (’Ann’) thrilling gigs all around the country (Szeged, Köröstarcsa, Békéscsaba). They realized that especially at live performances they needed somebody to handle the keys, so meeting A.D. the incredible keyboard wizzard, was a solution that presented itself right at time. So the classic line up (Art H- guitar, keyboards, drum-programs and leading vocals, El Baxi-bass and backing vocals, A.D.-keyboards) stood up and granted musical joy for those who opened their ears for something new and fresh.
From 1995 the band has been working at a lower pace but the year 2000 has brought a change. One of the world’s biggest companies noticed the potential in the group and offered an opportunity to present their ART at a widely broadcast TV program. Unfortunately Art’s worldwide tour objected this chance but wait for next year…


Ann - The Debut 1994.



20 songs - recorded in B's Room Studios
NP2 - The Return of The Nose Pickers 2000.

11 songs from the first album recorded and remixed in the ART H Studios

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